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Friday, August 22, 2014
Monday, May 26, 2014
24 Hours Affordable Photography Studio & Classroom Rental!

24 Hours Most Affordable Studio, Classroom & Event Space Rental!

White Studio Project is where we create and provide a platform for anyone who are interested to bring their ideas into reality supported by Creative Visual Studio!

Suitable for:
- Studio 
- Training 
- Classes 
- Workshop
- Classroom
- Event Space
- Photoshooting
- Video Recording

0390820440 | +60127344714 | +60166664034 (WhatsApp available)


No B-28-2, Dataran C180, Jalan C180/1, 43200 Cheras, Selangor

Educational projects by CVS Production

Photography & Videography White Studio

 The Classroom & Event Space Rental

CVS Production: https://www.facebook.com/CvsProduction
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Saturday, May 24, 2014
DIY Chalkboard Frame & Malaysia Wedding Photobooth Services


Does this kind of sign are interesting? Well, you can see some of it in a wedding ceremony where usually they put for the photobooth. Running a wedding photography and videography company, PhotoVideoKahwin.com we always receive a lot of inquiries for the photobooth. So, we wanted to create something different for each of our clients. 

This is an example of the very simple photobooth that prepared by PhotoVideoKahwin. So, if you want a photobooth for your wedding, you may want contact PhotoVideoKahwin because they are giving out a free photobooth for those who hire them as a wedding photographer / videographer. Just let them know this code: FeeqsaysPhotobooth.

However if you prefer to DIY your own chalkboard frame, continue read this blogpost.

Gather simple supplies. For this method you'll need a chalkboard sticker (you can purchase from us or from any art shop), photo frame (we provide a customize frame border and size) ruler, blade, cutting board, and a squeegee or credit card.

Just in case if you need any photo frame, you may want contact me or drop by Creative Visual Studio and choose your own design as low as RM50/pcs or WhatsApp me now! (0166664034)

Top left : Paste the chalkboard sticker on the frame board.
Top right : Squeegee the other side on as you did the first side. From the center out to reduce air bubbles.
Bottom left : After the installation.
Bottom right : Before the installation.

The final product.
If you think this DIY tutorial is good, do share with your friend ya :)
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Friday, May 23, 2014
Free Movie Ticket and Popcorn Set from TGV Cinemas


Good news for those who stay nearby Jusco Cheras Selatan and Encorp Strand Mall!
Since our studio is just located beside Jusco Cheras Selatan, seems that we are going to have our FREE movie ticket everyday!

If you looking for most affordable photography and videography studio or classroom or event space rental, check out: https://www.facebook.com/WhiteStudioProject or https://www.facebook.com/CreativeVisualStudio

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Comparison Maybank MasterCard Platinum Debit and Maybank Visa Debit?

Maybank MasterCard Platinum Debit or Maybank Visa Debit?

I’m having one credit card and is just enough for me. I don’t really use my credit card for shopping so my credit card just stuck inside my wallet most of the time.

Recently I just  upgrade my Maybank Visa Debit to Maybank MasterCard Platinum Debit. Since my debit card is expiring in June 2014, I decided to renew my card. In conjunction of their campaign, I do receive Buy 1 Free 1 movie ticket. So, any of you want to tag along with me for X-Men & Godzilla, do let me know.

1) Shop at over 29.4 mill Mastercard accepted outlets worldwide (Visa; 29 mill outlet).
0.4 mill not much different since most of the shop accept Visa.

2) Set your own Purchase Limit up to maximum RM10,000 or default to RM2,000 (Visa; maximum RM5,000 or default to RM1,000 ).
- Quite good for me because sometimes I urgently need to withdraw more than RM5,000 per day, especially when I travel around for business trip.

3) Earn TreatsPoints for retail transactions RM3 = 1 Treats Points (signature base) and RM5 = 1 TreatsPoints (pin base) (Visa; Earn 1 Treats Points for every RM3 spent and enjoy privileges when you shop).
- If you “kaki-shopping” you may want to consider this point.

For more information regarding their cards, check out HERE!
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Thursday, May 22, 2014
Malaysia Pets Adoption & Pets Photography


It’s 3am in the morning and I was in Bangkok for some work. I saw someone post up on Facebook about cat for adoption. I’m just lucky enough because the cat still available and I manage to pick that little girl right after I reach Malaysia.

I always told myself that I would never buy any pets from the pet shop because if you know where they get their cats/dogs you will understand. Well, you can just Google or search from YouTube.

Basically, she is known as Cymric. "The Cymric (/ˈkɪmrɨk/ kim-rik or /ˈkʌmrɨk/ kum-rik) is a breed of domestic cat. Some cat registries consider the Cymric simply a semi-long-haired variety of the Manx breed, rather than a separate breed."

This is example of Pets Photography that I have done for my client in my studio. If any of you interested to have their pet's photo taken by me, do let me know early year. Actually, I prefer outdoor shoot instead of studio shoot :) More info: HERE!

If you do not want to spend some cash on pet adoption through SPCA, PAWS, etc., you may want to consider some of the independent pet adoption group. These are some of the pet adoption links that you may want to refer for any adoption:

Share with me in this blog post if you know any of adoption house/group/people who provide adoption services. 
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