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Congratulations Mohd Faiz Subri for winning PUSKAS award.

Congratulations Mohd Faiz Subri for winning PUSKAS award. The Malaysian striker was honoured at the Fifa Best Awards earlier in the week, beating the likes of Lionel Messi and the Brazilian superstar.

Subri said: “Believe me or not, I have hit the ball in the same way as I always do. But this time I think I’ve been a little bit lucky, the ball took that strange trajectory.

The first Malaysian to be nominated for the FIFA Puskás Award has claimed the prize, with Mohd Faiz Subri’s remarkable swerving free kick emerging as the best goal of the year after millions of votes on FIFA.com from fans across the world.
Nobody in the Bandaraya Pulau Pinang Stadium could have imagined the trajectory of the ball as Subri stepped up to take the set-piece some distance away from goal, far over to the left-hand side of the pitch. The diminutive No13, a prolific scorer in the Malaysian Super League, hammered his effort goalwards, producing a swerve so wicked that goalkeeper Mohd Nasril Nourdin stood no chance.
The breath-taking strike earned the Malaysian forward the 2016 FIFA Puskás Award, with Brazilian Marlone in second place and Venezuelan Daniuska Rodriguez in third. Subri becomes the latest player to collect this award after Cristiano Ronaldo (2009), Hamit Altintop (2010), Neymar (2011), Miroslav Stoch (2012), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (2013), James Rodriguez (2014) and Wendell Lira (2015).

Honda Civic Test Drive KL to Penang (Day 2)

Early in the morning, everyone had a good breakfast and heading to our next location. This time, I drove for 1.8S Honda Civic. It was slightly less powerful compare than the 1.5 Turbocharge but one thing for sure. It's more fuel efficient and comfortable.

Personally I think it's good that I manage to drive Honda Civic since I'm planning to change my City to HRV. I think I will go for Civic instead.

You may want to read my Day 1 experience, HERE!

Another thing that I do love about the new Civic is they do have cool features such as Electric Parking Brake, Remote Engine Start, Auto Brake Hold and Walk Away Auto Lock. Not to mention they do have sexy "butt" too, the “C”-shaped LED taillights.

The New Honda Civic 2016 is available in both 1.8 and turbo versions. The prices of the 3 variants of Honda Civic are:
RM113,800 for 1.8S (On-the-road with insurance)
RM127,800 for 1.5 Turbocharged (On-the-road with insurance)
RM135,800 for 1.5 Turbocharged Premium (On-the-road with insurance)

Furthermore, customers can enjoy 5 years warranty with unlimited mileage with a service interval of 10,000km at 88 Honda dealers nationwide.

It is indeed a great price as we paying the price of C segment compact executive car but we are getting a D-segment spec car.

Finally after an hour drive from our hotel, we reach at the Escape Theme Park. For those who don't know what is Escape is, basically it's a adventure theme park. For those who like adventure activity.

ESCAPE is the fun destination with exciting rides and games hosted in a natural environment. ESCAPE re-introduces the play and values of yesteryear so to inject reality into a world overdependent on an isolation-inducing electronic lifestyle. Through fun activities, with an emphasis on self-directed and self-powered play, the visitor experiences Low Tech, High Fun. ESCAPE demonstrates there’s no age limit to having fun as the rides and games are designed for a wide range of age groups, abilities, and energy levels.

My favorite activity. Climb for 10 minutes and going down for 10 seconds lol.

For those who really love outdoor and adventure activity, do check out Escape Theme Park, HERE!

My conclusion towards the new Civic after 2 days 1 night spending time with them is, it must have in my car list.

1) Safety
- What else should I say when you have top class safety for all variants (6 Airbags, Vehicle Stability Assist). 

2) Sporty Designs
- One thing I do realize about Honda Civic is, they are under young and energetic category. If you love sporty designs, you may want put this under your consideration. Not to mention it comes in 5 outstanding colors, Dark Ruby Red Pearl, Modern Steel Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, and two brand new colours, Lunar Silver Metallic and White Orchid Pearl.

3) Performance
- Their engine performance is something that you should not worry about. What other features that I do love is their ‘Brake hold’ and auto cruise. I have eyes on the All-New Civic 1.5L VTEC Turbocharged.

4) Space
- For photographer and video producer myself, leg rooms and boot capacity is really important. Usually after a long journey, I will sleep in the car for 30 minutes for a rest. So, it's really important for me to have good space. Other than that, I do need big space for me to put my equipment.

5) Fuel efficient
- I only spend 1 fuel tank for my 2 days 1 night trip to Penang (Citta Mall -> Tg. Tualang -> Stadium Batu Kawan -> Penang Island -> Botanica Mansion -> G Hotel Kelawai -> Escape Adventureplay -> Tambun -> back to PJ).

Before we heading back home, we had another seafood feast. Prawn village is a must-come place for you to have lunch.

Last but not least, I would rate Honda Civic 8/10. As loyal Honda user, I'm happy to see what does Honda did and with this significant launch, the iconic Civic ushers in a new era. The All-New Civic will change the way Malaysian customers experience and drive a vehicle, up the expectations of customers towards a C-segment vehicle and literally change the game altogether.

Thank you Honda Malaysia for the memorable weekend.

For more information on the All-New Civic, you can visit any Honda dealer, call Honda's Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020 or log on to www.honda.com.my or www.ridethedream.my to discover more about the exciting features of the All-New Civic.

Honda Civic Test Drive KL to Penang (Day 1)

Personally, I have been driving Honda ever since I got my license. No complain. From old Accord to City then to Jazz and back to City. Most people would say DON'T SPEND ON EXPENSIVE CAR but spend on properties instead. I have no issue with that. However, if you be in my place who have to spend every single day inside a car to travel here and there for a meeting and shooting, then I would say, you should pick the right car. Good and trustable.

Few features that caught my attention are; long distance features (auto cruise & turbo), safety and comfort. Currently I wanted to change my current City to HRV but then I feel this Civic quite interesting to have as one of my collection.. Oh yes.. That's car that I drove on the first day.

There's total of 5 cars that will heading down to Penang Island. Right after our nice breakfast, we are divided into 5 team (3 person per team). Since I'm so tired, I let Fatin Bella to be the first driver and I be the co-driver. I was very impressed by it's spacious seat I can place my legs comfortably.

Our first car was the brand new 1.5L VTEC Turbocharged engine which is developed under Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology provides ‘Joy to drive’ with its dynamic performance and excellent fuel economy. Honda Malaysia is the first Japanese mass market manufacturer to introduce a turbo engine in the C-segment. The other engine variant is 1.8L i-VTEC. Both engines are mated with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) for a smooth driving experience and fuel efficiency.

After a long drive, we drop by at Tanjung Tualang for a nice seafood. 

So, it's my turn to drive the Civic (my car is the silver color). I'm fallen in love with Auto Lock feature, the car will lock itself at a 2m distance. This is one of the safety feature and for the convenience.

The next agenda is something that I'm looking forward. We are heading to Stadium Batu Kawan and learnt further about the Civic safety feature, design and differentiation between competitors. I just found out that the LED light is automatically switch on when it went to the tunnel.

The new Civic have 6 airbags in order to keep you and your passengers safe (Dual Front Airbags, Side Curtain Airbags and Side Airbags). For those who don't know what is VSA, VSA is basically Vehicle Stability Assist; is a built-in safety system that is always on. There is a off button as well but it is not recommended to turn it off. Well, you can't predict when the accident will happen right?

Gymkhana activity was done by professionals and to demonstrate the VSA safety feature.

Thank you Honda for the awesome experience.. and thank you for the tire too!

Our next trip will be the island. The All-New Civic 1.5L VTEC Turbocharged variant is equipped with a smart monitoring system, giving peace of mind in maintaining the efficiency of the engine performance. This feature will indicate the timing of oil change and notify customers with an indication lamp on the speedometer on their service status. At 88 Honda dealers nationwide, customers can enjoy 5 years warranty with unlimited mileage with a service interval of 10,000km.

The All-New Civic is available in five colours: Dark Ruby Red Pearl, Modern Steel Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl. Lunar Silver Metallic and White Orchid Pearl. The price for the 3 variants are:

  • RM 113,800 for 1.8S (On-the-road with insurance)
  • RM 127,800 for 1.5 Turbocharged (On-the-road with insurance)
  • RM 135,800 for 1.5 Turbocharged Premium (On-the-road with insurance)

Before we heading to the bed, first thing first... of course a good dinner. Penang is a food heaven. I'm glad that they told us there will have a local cuisine. I never know Penang have hidden gem. Botanica Mansion is where we had our dinner. Built in early 1881, Botanica Mansion was restored and currently functions as a clubhouse solely for Botanica.CT residents. A gymnasium, swimming pool and restaurant is available for daily dining and private events.

On the way back to our hotel, we were shown the light features of the Civic. Actually I never thought that using LED Lights can be very bright. It's really useful especially when driving in dark areas.

Finally we step into our room, the Executive Room. My first impression, I'm amazed. G Hotel Kelawai will house rooms that are uniquely inspired by innovative design to create energizing space for guests to play or work by day or mix and mingle by night. In addition to that, it will also accommodate three trendy and stylish food and beverage outlets – a coffee house, lobby lounge and a 23rd floor chill out bar that are set to fulfil guests' gastronomic appetites.

For more information on the All-New Civic, you can visit any Honda dealer, call Honda's Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020 or log on to www.honda.com.my or www.ridethedream.my to discover more about the exciting features of the All-New Civic.

Standing up for what you believe

Standing up for what you believe.

That boy over there.. is a dreamer. His dream is to build his own empire. When he put his first brick many years ago, people laugh at him, talked about him and leave him alone with tons of responsibility. He sit at the corner of his bed, blaming himself and crying. One day, he decided to look at the positive side and push his own limits.

Many years down to the road, he still standing up for what he believe. He don't care what people talked about him because he know what he want and what matters. Now he putting another brick to build his empire. Tq for all your support.

Officially get White Studio Malaysia 2nd studio keys

The tittle speak for itself. I'm officially receive White Studio Malaysia 2nd studio keys. Our new location will be at Parklane Commercial HUB Kelana Jaya. Inshallah, we plan to open our 3rd studio by end of  this year in Malacca.

Biar orang sibuk mengata, yang penting kita bina empayar.
Jangan jadi macam tin kosong, selalu omong kosong.
Dalam diam diam kita berkayuh, pasti banyak dugaan perlu ditempuh.

My temporary workstation at the new studio. I like the wireless system. Neat and tidy. Yes, my hard disk is wireless. Western Digital My Passport Wireless.

Some people told me I should start saving $$. For me, in order to increase $$, you should spend it. Spend means, investment. Since a lot of people PM me regarding @whitestudio.my 2nd studio, let me show you how it looks like.

So... we are looking for a second studio for @whitestudio.my and we are quite satisfied with the unit. This unit comes in two floor. Looking good. I'm so excited with my new studio.

Anyone want work as studio manager? Email us at hire@whitestudio.my

Brand New White Studio Malaysia in Kelana Jaya

December is a month of joy and happiness. In conjunction of our upcoming second studio, we at White Studio Malaysia would like to share with all of you a sneak peak of our second studio (3000 ++ sqft), which is will be located in the heart of Kelana Jaya, PJ.

Tentative launch : Mid of January 201

Our current studio which is located at Cheras Selatan will be our HQ and still open for rental as usual. Stay tuned for our special promotion for photographer & business owner.

We are expanding and looking for a team player to grow together, Send your resume to HIRE@WHITESTUDIO.MY

Job available :
- Studio admin
- Studio manager
- Sales executive
- Marketing executive 

Taurus Energy Drink is Halal Energy Drink!

As a photographer, video producer and busines owner myself, I do need stay energized 24 hours. Driving all day long can very tiring and my favourite energy drink so far is Taurus Energy.

TAURUS Energy Drink is a carbonated beverage that is specially formulated to provide energy for everyone. TAURUS Energy Drink is not only help you improve your energy but it also help you to focus more and be productive.

If you always busy like me, you definitely have to grab 1-2 can of TAURUS Energy Drink per day as your on-the-go energy booster. Remember, you only need a maximum of 2 cans per day as the content of TAURUS Energy Drink is already carefully measured by their makers to help our body rejuvenate and power up after tiring activities so drink up wisely!

Recently I had opportunity to join Taurus and some other fellow blogger to play laser tag at Laser Battle, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. Have you ever imagine how tiring it was when you have 3 games in a row? Lucky they do have TAURUS Energy Drink ready for us to improve our services.

Made in Malaysia, TAURUS Energy Drink contains Carbonated Water, Sucrose, Dextrose, Citric Acid, Taurine, Caffeine, Inositol, Vitamins (B3, B6), Other Color (E102, E110), E211, E202. Not only that, TAURUS Energy Drink has been certified halal by Jakim Malaysia (JAKIM / (S) / (22.00) / 492/2 / 1004-06 / 2014).

TAURUS Energy Drink contains:
0.4% Taurine 0.032%
Caffeine 0.0006%
Vitamin B2 0.002%
Vitamin B5 0.024%
Inositol 0.24%

CAFFEINE : Due to its well-known stimulating effects, caffeine also has an influence on breathing and on the ability of the cardiac muscles to contract, as well as the heart rate ? it has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system and speeds up cardiac activity. Caffeine has a stimulating effect on the organism and ensures adrenaline release, so that more glycogen (energy reserves) and fats can be absorbed. Caffeine leads to stimulation of the metabolism and of blood pressure.

TAURINE : Taurine is a non-essential amino acid, which can be produced by the body with the help of cysteine. Taurine is important in the development of the central nervous system and the regulation of fluids in the body?s cells. Furthermore, taurine has been attributed partial protective functions for cell membranes and antioxidant properties. Studies have shown that drinks containing taurine can furthermore significantly prolong the duration of their impact at a higher level of intensity. In combination with caffeine, taurine can have a stimulating and invigorating effect. Taurine improves and/or regenerates muscle tone and has a detoxifying effect. 

VITAMIN B5 / PANTOTHEN ACID : Vitamin B5 (pantothen acid) supports metabolism of carbohydrates as well as the breakdown of fats and thus ensures the extraction of energy from foodstuffs.

VITAMIN B2 / RIBOFLAVIN : Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is among other things important for control of breathing. At the same time, it takes over functions for energy metabolism, in particular for metabolising fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

INOSITOL : Inositol is a type of Vitamin B, an active ingredient for living cells. Inositol is considered to be a factor in growth and is also responsible for reducing fat deposits, in that it aids in the combustion of fats by ensuring the export of fatty acids to the liver, where they can be converted into energy.

GLUCURONOLACTON : Glucuronolacton is a substance naturally produced by the body (similar to sugar) and has an important detoxifying function for the body. It is produced in the liver from glucose and combines with harmful substances so as to produce a detoxification reaction, i.e. breaking down harmful substances which are produced by bodily exertion.

TAURUS Energy Drink is not suitable to be drunk by pregnant and breastfeeding, aged under 16, who have an allergy to caffeine, cardiovascular patients, and when doing strenuous sports activities. TAURUS Energy Drink is also not advisable to drink more than two cans a day out!

Do you know that TAURUS Energy Drink can be more than just a drink? These two lovely cake do have Taurus as ingredient. Taurus Brownies and Taurus Cupcake.

You can instantly get the TAURUS Energy Drink is in any 7-Eleven nearby. The original price is RM4.80 only!

Stay energized only with TAURUS ENERGY DRINK!
Instagram : @mytaurused
Facebook : Taurus Energy Drink
Website : www.taurusED.com

Grab Deliver Happyness to 7,000 Underprivileged Kids

Join Grab to ‘Deliver Happyness’ to 7,000 Underprivileged Kids

Grab launches regional donation campaign in six Southeast Asian countries
Allows anyone to donate pre-loved books, stationery and toys to underprivileged kids – at zero cost and effort
Simply book a Grab driver who will pick up your pre-loved stuff
Grab aims to collect 20,000 items across the region

Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform, wants to make December a little merrier for everyone through its latest regional donation campaign. Called Delivering Happyness, the campaign is calling for members of public to get into the spirit of year-end giving. All they have to do is to round up and pack pre-loved (or new!) books, stationery and toys – and then simply book a Grab to collect them from 12 to 24 December. Grab aims to collect 20,000 items across Southeast Asia, which will be delivered to 7,000 underprivileged kids in Southeast Asia.

“While people may wish to help the less fortunate, they often don’t know how, or where to start. As part of Grab’s commitment to improving lives in Southeast Asia, we’re using the Grab app to make giving as easy as possible – and in the process, deliver happiness to the children in our communities who need it most,” said Cheryl Goh, VP of Marketing, Grab.

Cheryl Goh added, “I grew up reading the adventures of Nancy Drew. She was a real problem-solver! I always try to find solutions and attribute my never-say-die spirit to my hours of reading. Today we read of young wizards bravely fighting the dark lord, instilling in kids a sense of justice and morals. Grab wants to call out to those who have the means to donate books, stationery and toys. Let’s bring the joy of reading stories to thousands of kids in Southeast Asia – and give them a great foundation for learning life skills.”

Grab has partnered with non-profit organisations – in all six countries that Grab operates in: Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam – that focus on helping children in need. Each tackle issues unique to each country, such as helping to re-equip schools in the Philippines that were affected by a recent storm, or giving books, stationery and toys to kids in rural villages in Vietnam.

In Malaysia, Grab is partnering with NGOHub, an online platform that assists the non-profit sector in Malaysia through the power of volunteering, networking, grant opportunities and events.
NGOHub runs NGO Academy, which is a series of events to impart skills, build capacity and encourage collaboration among NGOs. As such, they form partnerships with different stakeholders including government agencies, the private sector and volunteers to support the work of NGOs in Malaysia to make better and more lasting impact.

NGOHub was founded by SOLS 24/7 in partnership with 7-Eleven Malaysia through its Community Cares Fund.

Delivering Happyness from 12 to 24 December
It’s easy for time-strapped people to donate their books, stationery and toys.

1. Start packing your pre-loved books, stationery and toys today.
2. From 12 to 24 December, donors can use the Grab app to request a Grab driver who will pick up the items. Select the ‘Delivering Happyness’ fleet icon. Just like booking a regular ride, donors need only indicate their pick-up location and time. Grab will sponsor the cost of the collection.
3. Pack your items and pass them to the Grab driver on the agreed date and time.

Delivering Happyness is part of Grab’s commitment to improve lives in Southeast Asia. It is an extension of a similar campaign that was rolled out in 2013 in Malaysia to deliver 2,000 pre-loved books and toys to rural libraries. The campaign was a simple and honest effort to match donors to drivers.

More details on Delivering Happyness is available at [www.grab.com/my/deliveringhappyness/].

I'm Officially Married - Short update

Alhamdulillah I'm Officially Married. Today is the day where I'm officially became husband for Fatin Bella. Thank you for those who came and for those who helped along the way. It was a very busy week and finally everything is over.

Will update more later on. Meanwhile, lets... ehemmm lol
Will start updating CeritaFF.com blog very soon.

Now, let's focus on new chapter shall we?
#CeritaFF #fatinbella #feeqsays

Baju nikah : @minimalace
Contact lens : @dindalicious.my
Makeup : @bellahudd
Photography : @clorastudio
Videografi : @hafizzainalhz

Antara orang kuat yang banyak tolong Aten dan @feeqsays . Tolong dari semua benda. Yela, takde pengalaman kawen, so memang krik krik krik banyak. Hahaha. Kak @rubydotmy dan Abg @saifulnaim ni Aten dah anggap macam kakak dan abang Aten sendiri. Almaklumlah takde abang dengan kakak. Thanks Kak Ruby dan Abg Naim for everything. Muah ciked! 😘😘😘