by - Thursday, April 02, 2009


Did u feel weird when classes that suppose belong to your class have been taken by someone for their own purpose? After that you are the one who suppose go to find other classroom for study.

Don’t feel weird because it is actually what happened to me & some of my friend at Nilai University College.

My class supposes start at 10am at Demo Kitchen but suddenly my friend from other semester told me that the class will be use for the demonstration. So, we change class to Hospitality block. But once we all reach there, the lecture asks us to go Resource centre block because the class will be use for other people on 11am. What the hack? Then we all walk like turtle to another classroom. Once reach there, class has been start late. I have account test on 12 noon then I need to rush back to hospitality block. How mafan it is.

Lucky my test is quite easy even though I don’t have any basic regarding accounting because I’m from pure science student. Then I, Edmund & my housemate went to lunch at Local Deli. Suddenly Edmund want play DOTA at Desa Palma. Then we end up at cybercafe until 6.30pm and go to cut my hair. Lucky my housemate classes at 6pm cancel. At night I & 2 of my housemate went to KFC.
Edmund & Our favorite game that day...Left 4 Dead
The 3 sohai during their visit at Gold Phoenix at Cempaka Nilai for cut hair.

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