LIFE - Rest

by - Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blog, Twitter, MSN & Facebook will be rest for the time being. He will go to somewhere to have a clear answer for everything.


Long time ago, in one small country there have a monkey and turtle where stay inside forest. The monkey jump from one tree to another tree most of everyday to meet the turtle. One day, the monkey and turtle been together. Due to different species, their relationship always had a problem. Since the turtle too small and keep get hurt and bullied. The monkey try to protect the relationship but it's end up with LBU (let's break up).

The monkey never stop his hope and one day they has been together back. Time pass very fast and the turtle it's not really mean to be together and the monkey accept the fate. When the monkey try to forget everything, a new hope came.

Back then, the monkey has decided to start the new life. From the moment that the monkey been together with the turtle the monkey really happy but the monkey always saw that turtle hurt. The turtle never happy with the monkey not because the turtle not love the monkey. For those who do not know, this monkey came from lack of family love and poor. The turtle have everything. So, this is where the monkey felt that he too low for the turtle. The monkey felt that the turtle have everything... Love, Care and protection from turtle family and not like monkey.

The monkey finally decided to let the turtle go but deep inside the monkey heart, he not willing. All the monkey friend ask if the monkey was crazy? The monkey just quite and ask himself why in the world would a monkey go through all the trouble of getting a turtle and then have it all wasted down the drain if the monkey doesn't really want a break up without any reason? The monkey don't want see the turtle get hurt and the monkey was ask turtle daddy if the monkey should let turtle go. The turtle daddy also agree and tell the turtle that the monkey want let the turtle go. Monkey learn that the best time to make the turtle hate the monkey is the time where he can remember it for the whole her life so the monkey decided to do it. Everyday the monkey try to forget it but cant. Now, the turtle was happy with all turtle friend and the monkey try to avoid the turtle.

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