Upgrading My New Website. Will be Launch Tomorrow 9am!

by - Thursday, July 28, 2011

Currently, busy upgrading my new website. Havent sleep since yesterday =( .. I just registered my hosting and domain yesterday evening and my new hosting and domain up less than 20minute. Not like previously which is I need to wait almost 1 month to get my domain =.="

Since I still virgin in Wordpress, thanks to Ken for help me out from A-Z... I will talk about it in my next post =)

When my new website will up?

Tomorrow morning 9am!

Follow me in Facebook and Twitter because I gonna reveal it tomorrow my new website link!



Okay... I should continue do my work. Stay tune for the launch of my new website tomorrow ya.
People asked me Adv or Nuff? I prefer choose GglAds =)

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