I Will Reveal My Studio Detail This Monday!

by - Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hi guys, some of you might asking me about my studio right?
Yes, it is finally done! The renovation is done. All the lighting & props are in my studio and only few more furniture that will coming soon to make my studio looks better =)

I already started rent out my studio to public and there have few people who are renting it this Monday and Tuesday. I will be reveal the price of my studio for a rent this coming Monday. Stay tune and bookmark my blog ya ;)

I will be having a official launch by end of September from 10am to 5pm (main highlight on 12noon) and the good things is... it is open to public. I will invite all of you once I finalize everything ya.

Stay tune in this site where I will reveal my studio detail including the price on Monday 11pm.

Check it out also my portfolio:

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