Did You Know You're Supposed to Vote Zana Chin and Magdeline Wang's for Miss Universe Malaysia 2012?

by - Friday, October 21, 2011


Everyone have their own dream. It is good to have your own dream but how you gonna to achieve it? I have met a lot of people who have a lot of big dream. The question is, do you have a dream deep in your heart that you want to pursue? We live in the real world. There are a lot of obstacles that everyone need to face in order to achieve their dream.

People always tend to do something that impossible. However, I never believe in impossible since the way how you pronounce it also can be "I'm possible". I wish that I am a fairy godmother that could sprinkle fairy dust and grant everyone wish. Oh well... It's time to stop talking about not having a dream and start figuring out what it is and how to achieve it. Be your own fairy godmother. 

I do have a friends who join a Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 competition. There have put a lot of effort in order to achieve their dream. Now, they need our help.

Every 1 vote is consider as 20 votes. Premium charge for each vote = RM0.50. I have done vote them 4 times which is it is only cost me at RM2. You can help them to achieve their dream by a small little vote. It is look little for us but it is a huge value for them. I believe that if you help people, one day other people will help us =)


How to Vote for ZANA
SMS: Type MUMZANA for (3/5/10 votes) to 32888.
example : MUM10 ZANA to 32888 for 10 Votes.
Type MUM20ZANA to 32888 for 20 Votes.
Premium charge for each vote = RM0.50. 
e.g 20 votes = RM 10.00 


How to Vote for MAGDELINE
SMS: Type MUMMAGS for (3/5/10 votes) to 32888.
example : MUM10 MAGS to 32888 for 10 Votes.
Type MUM20MAGS to 32888 for 20 Votes.
Premium charge for each vote = RM0.50.
e.g 20 votes = RM 10.00

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