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by - Sunday, October 16, 2011

This is the latest Facebook apps.
Basically it is another type of Facebook just bought question-and-answer last Monday and now can be use by everyone who have a facebook. A lot of marketers has been use facebook as their social media platform to market their product/services and with this new apps from facebook, marketers can have a customer feedback regarding their product/services. Customer relationship management (CRM) is important in any organization in order to understand customer demands and at the same time to maintain the relationship between customer and organization.

"Facebook has acquired, the social question-and-answer services. However, will still exist as a separate service, the team added in the post. Facebook picked up for an undisclosed amount just a few months launching Facebook Questions, which emphasized short, social answers instead of the longer responses services like Quora. On the surface, at least, Facebook Questions and are nearly identical: an example question and answer asks: "Are long distance relationships possible?" The answer ("Love knows no distance.") uses the real name of the respondent plus the options to label the response "Funny," "Smart," "Cool," "Me Too!" and "Hug". Facebook's Answers feature filters responses to feature the answers of friends first." Source

It is kinda easy. What you need to do is just go to or visit their facebook apps at Once you log in into the apps, you can start to play "question and answer games" It is really similar with formspring but it is much better. 

You can see at the top left side where you can see who else is your friend that online/play this games as well. In another hand, the bottom left is the "interest-group". You can use "interest-group" page to answer the specific question.

For example is Fullhouse cafe, you can answer specific question that provided in their page. I found that it is really good for a marketers to know and understand well their customers needs and wants. Marketers can do online survey and get a specific data from their fan/customer. For those company that do not have CRM, this apps is really helpful.

You also can share your answer to your friend. 

"We're excited about this because we feel the spirit of aligns well with Facebook's vision, and we're thrilled to be joining such an innovative company," the team's blog post added. "The team will be focusing on new projects at Facebook, but will continue to operate as a separate service."
"We want to thank you – from the bottom of our hearts – for sharing your hopes, your memories and your humor with the community," the team added. "Thank you for your unwavering support of our product and your dedication to helping us make it better." - Source

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