Andrew Chiam Wedding Ceremony in St. Francis Xavier Church

by - Thursday, November 03, 2011

I really happy where there's have few people outside there personally message me to post up new photos. Honestly, I have been very busy with wedding photoshoot, video recording and my exam is around the corner. So, let me start with Andrew wedding that I attend last month... I guest... haha...

IMG_1611 - Copy-horz-vert
I do not remember how I met him and he is really nice guy. He have really good photography skill and he is good food blogger too. I went to his wedding registration in St. Francis Xavier Church then at nigh we had the dinner in Eastin Hotel. I reach to the wedding kinda late since I had an accident on my way to the church.

Andrew... you are the man!

IMG_1724 - Copy-vert-horz
More photo: HERE! and HERE!

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