Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday, December 01, 2011 16
I always tell myself that complaining would not solve a problem. Rather than complaining continuously, why not we take action? Rather than asking other people to change their attitude, why not we change our own attitude? I always tell myself that if you are on time, it means that you are late. In Malaysia, there's something called "Malaysian Time" where "late" is a norm. I just don’t get why some people can even proud of it.

Last Sunday I went to an event by Bizzy Body held in Sunway Pyramid. I reached there on time and left the event before it even started. Why? Because I received an email from the organizer stating that the event starts at 5.30pm. So, I’ve already arranged my time properly to fit 3 meetings and 2 photoshoot sessions. However, everything did not turn out as what I have planned.

I was supposed to have a photoshoot in Mont Kiara in the afternoon but it was cancelled at the last minute. There was a client who used my studio HERE! from morning until 3pm and I rushed back to my home to catch my 4.30pm meeting. Once I reached home, I received another email from Bizzy Body stating that the event is not 5.30pm but at 4.30pm. Since I had a meeting at 4.30pm in Mont Kiara, I decided to change it to the Sunway Pyramid so that I can attend all of my meetings and the event. Since the event change their time from 5.30pm to 4.30pm, I called my client to postpone the meeting to 9pm. I reached the event on time and guess what? The event only start at 6.30pm

I was really disappointed. Some of the problem were:
1) The changes of timing was really last minute.
2) Waited for almost 2 hours without any announcement. From 4.30pm till almost 6.30pm.
3) The media/bloggers need to "beg" for our chair.
4) Vouchers from A Cut Above (main sponsor) expire on the day of the event and only available in Mid Valley when the event ended around 8pm++ in Sunway Pyramid.
5) There's no follow up email. At least they send us an email to apologize or give us explanation etc.

I tried to keep a positive thought. However, it was hard to control yourself when you’re really pissed off. So, I decided to just get my butt off from the event and grab some dessert.


  1. FeeQ says:

    i was here n saw they were bz setting up the place. so-called Malaysian company must really2 improve in accountability n profesionalism... looks like only amateur handling such 'big' event...

  2. FeeQ says:

    Some people may think that they are big and never think other people time. Oh well, they mess up with wrong people.

  3. FeeQ says:

    if the event was late because of the VVIP then it's understandable but because of the mis-coordination then this was really bad... booooo for the event organizer!

  4. FeeQ says:

    Yes. They supposed to email us and inform us why the event turn out late.

  5. FeeQ says:

    Wah what a waste of time! Wait til what also no mood d la

  6. FeeQ says:

    Who is the PR? Next time see their name just decline their invitations

  7. FeeQ says:

    Now I feel glad that I can't attend the event. They got invite me too but seems like PR is not doing their job  properly =S

  8. FeeQ says:

    i only know that same morning event was 5.30pm not 4.30pm as stated in email. Yeh you were right, I was told over in the email that there will be area allocated for us for media but end up still need to ask around for chairs and I dont know why there is no allocated seats ? Waited very long, got thristy as event is so draggy... asked them for water bottle, they said we are not entitled... Boo to them, and got so hungry bcos event ended like 9pm? Wanted take pic with Jessica Hsuan but PR damn hurry up simply take without waiting for us , and was quite upset.. end up PR managed to slot me to take pic with her, but celebrity not friendly PUN!

  9. FeeQ says:

    It's so far the worst one I had been to. We were left thirsty and hungry. We went without a drop of water from 5pm to 9pm. 

  10. FeeQ says:

    OMG! Pity u. I went to Jusco to grab some mineral water =)

  11. FeeQ says:

    Without attitude, somebody will be nobody.. With attitude, nobody will be somebody =)

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