Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011 2
If you ask me about China/Chinese, I really respect some of them. I respect the way how they do work. Some of them can create "nothing" to "something". Transform "impossible" to "possible". Actually I just come back from Genting not to have fun but working. At first I thought the Genting trip gonna be another ordinary outstation job. However, I change my mind and take another step by to understand how Resort World can be so success. Rather than I spend my time to have fun in theme park after my work, I walk around to gain some knowledge. I learn so much from them. A lot of idea came into my mind for me to improve my business. Hope everything will turn out good =)

As usual, while play around with my laptop, I saw one of the latest promotion that happened in China. It is about the shower gel promotion.

"Shower gel gels get nude and lathered up"

"A Chinese company hired three young ladies to appear totally naked to promote its shower gel products. With just towels wrapped around their heads, the beauties lathered themselves up, rubbed themselves down and playfully squirted the audience with water. At one point, male audience members were asked to help apply the gels to the young models nude bodies. The marketing stunt was employed just once, after which the company realized that maybe it wasn’t appropriate."

From my point of view, promotion is really important in order for you to create awareness about your product or services. However, the proper promotion is important in order for you to park your brand reputation in consumer mind. It is really important for you to create a proper promotion and do not always put cost as your main priority. Promotion can help you to increase your profit and at the same time it also can destroy your business. Marketers should have a proper promotion stratergy in order to create a good value in their product or services. Remember, it is your choice how you want customer think about your brand. Business is all about long term and not a short term. Do not blame customer if they missunderstand your message.


  1. FeeQ says:

    Not many business person locally can think long term. They always think of the short term profit and not do branding of their business. Just promotion is not enough, building awareness is important as well. 

    Speaking as a marketing graduate. =)

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