Wednesday, June 22, 2011
The Moment of truth Alviss Kong


In this world, break up does not mean that the end of the world.

~ Currently busy with my final exam. Will back to blogging track by next week. For now, visit my photography blog yeah... Feeq PhotographyLink
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Friday, June 17, 2011
The Future of Your Exams Starts with a Good Friend, Paper Mate!

For those who do not know, most of Taylor’s students are currently having revision week. Exams are just around the corner. Along with a bunch of my friends, we visited the Popular bookstore in Sunway Pyramid to grab ourselves some stationeries.

My friends suggested to me Paper Mate – a brand for liquid paper. Since I do not like those liquid type ones, I decided to choose the tape type since it will help me to save more time instead of waiting the liquid to dry.

Some of the features and benefits of this Paper Mate are the convenience and comfort of holding the stationery especially when it is designed like Pen-style case. I do not prefer something bulky since my pencil box is long in shape. Not only that, it has a strong, tear-proof film which helps prevents breakage.

So, which color is your choice? I prefer blue and don’t ask me why not pink color XD
Oh ya, by the way this Paper Mate is refillable with DryLine Ultra Refill. Not to mention that the tape length is 5mm x 6m. The most good thing is about it is the tip cover also prevents tape from looping when carried in a bag or briefcase.

I don’t think talking alone would help you grasp the awesomeness of Paper Mate, I suggest you guys try it yourself! It is affordable and you can get it in any bookstores. The Liquid Paper Dryline Ultra is just RM6.50.

So, I was thinking, if I buy the Liquid Paper Dryline Ultra, I would need a refill sooner or later since I’m using it for my assignment, notes, and I have friends borrowing it from me every since they found out how convenient it is to use.

The value pack worth RM9.50 (which is the one I would recommend) comes with a refill. And that would roughly last me about 1 month of use.

Also, changing the refill is very straightforward, very much DIY friendly so that wouldn’t be a problem at all. Yes, the value pack at RM9.50 would be a wiser choice in the long run!

Pssttt… Let me tell you something about the benefit of refill … long run is saving and of course environmentally friendly =)

If you’re bored, Paper Mate have an awesome and fun game too. Pssstttt I improve my English vocabulary from this game too.

Just visit: http://www.papermate.com.my/ and enjoy the game!

It challenges typing skills and your English vocabulary.

Have fun… Seems that I need to improve a lot.. =)

The future of your exams starts with a good friend, Paper Mate!


Check it out my photography page:
Feeq Photography
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Chelsea Football Club Tour 2011- Tickets Detail

If you read my previous post HERE, this time I gonna reveal the next team who gonna hit our Stadium Nasional, Bukit Jalil on Jul 21, 2011. If you really fan of Chelsea and , this is your have a dream to see them play live especially without go oversea, this is your chance!

Stay tune in Feeqsays.com because I might have extra passes to give away to my loyal reader *finger cross*

Click here for information on all Ticketpro® Outlets

Venue seating

Note: All TRAINING PASS entry ONLY at GREEN GATE on 19th July 2011.

Official Merchandise: www.chelseamegastoreasia.com

From 20th to 29th May, selected match ticket is exclusively available at selected adidas stores nationwide and each purchase comes with a complimentary training pass (while stock lasts)

From 30th May onwards, tickets are available at adidas selected outlets and Ticketpro outlets nationwide or through telephone booking at our hotline 603 - 7880 7999 or online purchase via www.ticketpro.com.my
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Monday, June 13, 2011
The Muslim Dilemma Today

Something that I would like to share with my Malay friends. Saw this article when I surf IKIM website, HERE!

The Muslim Dilemma Today
by Dr. Wan Azhar Wan Ahmad (Fellow Kanan/Pengarah)

No community or nation is free from challenges, problems, dilemmas, or crises. Muslims, regardless of times and locations, have been facing a varied magnitude of challenges since the very inception of Islam. This will never cease to happen.

In Islam and Secularism (1978), Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas, a contemporary Muslim thinker and the 2011 recipient of the Most Prominent Malay (Tokoh Melayu Terbilang) award, observes that these challenges may be categorized into two: internal and external.

The former pertains to challenges originating within Muslims' own territory and intellectual history, while the latter coming from the outside world, resulting from their encounter with alien cultures and civilizations.

Both categories of challenges, either intellectual or physical in nature, bring equally destructive consequences to the Muslim community (ummah). Therefore, they must be wary of this and take all necessary measures to remedy their shortcomings and protect, enhance and strengthen their positions.

Let's examine the conditions of Muslims in this country today. They are generally in a dire state of crisis almost in every respect of life-religiously, socially, economically, politically.

Far from simply unleashing sweeping statements, I am neither emotional nor judgmental here. But the above phenomenon can be discerned, among other things, from the increasing number of ignorant, secular and non-practicing Muslims.

In addition, it's painful to learn the worrisome rising statistics of Muslims' divorce rate and their involvement-if not indulgence-in criminal activities, gambling, drugs addiction, liquor drinking, prostitution, rapes, cohabitation, adultery, abortion, baby dumping and all sorts of other religious, ethical or legal misdemeanours. Prisons, rehab centres and shelter houses nationwide are full with batches of Muslim offenders!

Of course these problems do take place in other non-Muslim communities as well, possibly equally sickening or even worse. But since they are generally more liberal, many of whom consider religion as insignificant and instead embrace secularism as their primary philosophy or worldview, I believe that the whole thing is a non-issue to majority of them.

Back to Muslims, in terms of economic achievements, they are far behind other groups and still grappling doing the catching-up jobs. A similar scenario can be seen in the field of education.

In politics, Muslims basically rule the country. But their current political situation-if I were to be honest, and many will agree-is actually shaky and weakening. It appears that they are losing more grounds in controlling the nation and have been perceived as compromising too much, even on fundamental matters, at the expense of their own interests and dignity.

At the same time, there has been an apparent disunity among Muslims, as is reflected in the number of major political parties craving for power on this soil. Some other minor parties further divide the Muslims.

Al-Attas explains that the basic problems causing those internal dilemmas forcing Muslims into that predicament can be reduced to what he calls the loss of adab. Adab refers to recognition and acknowledgement of the right and proper place for beings or things.

Meaning, the loss of adab is the loss of discipline, knowledge or wisdom that assures the recognition and acknowledgement of one's proper place in relation one's self, community and the world of creation.

The materialization of such recognition and acknowledgement constitute the condition of justice. Therefore the loss of adab "implies loss of justice, which in turn betrays confusion in knowledge."

Al-Attas asserts that, internally, the current general dilemma besetting Muslims is caused by (i) confusion and error in knowledge, creating the condition for (ii) the loss of adab within the ummah.

The combination of these two situations gives rise to leaders who are actually not qualified to lead the community. They emerge and thrive but do not possess the high moral, intellectual and spiritual standards required for proper leadership.

This kind of leaders perpetuates the confusion and error in knowledge aforementioned. In this manner, they ensure that their successors are just like them, and together they dominate over the affairs of the people.

A damning remark by Al-Attas deserving serious attention by Muslims is that the above roots of crises are interdependent and operate in a vicious circle, contributing to and supplementing each other. But he stresses that the chief cause is confusion and error in knowledge.

Once ignorance spreads from top to bottom and defines the character of the ummah, the community will have no integrity and strength. They will gradually become more fragile and vulnerable to foreign influences, especially harmful ones.

Lacking religious knowledge and awareness, certain members or leaders of this community may even adopt and adapt these bad ideas, translate them into their lifestyle, and consciously or unconsciously transfer these influences to the masses.

It is this foregoing disintegration of internal qualities of the Muslim ummah that causes confusion and disunity. This allows space for other people to underestimate and subdue them. History records that this took place when Muslims were tortured and chased out from Spain in the 13th century.
Similar set of problems brought about the fall of Islam in India. The same recurred when the Portuguese conquered Malacca in 1511. Yet in modern times we still witness Muslims being oppressed in Palestine, Bosnia and various other places.

For all these to happen, Muslims themselves are to be partially blamed due to their own religious neglects and other internal differences that are actually reconcilable.

This writing is never to embarrass Muslims. It's a form of self-criticism, to wake them up from slumber, to urge them to take corrective actions. I believe Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad had the same intention when he wrote The Malay Dilemma in 1970.

I am putting forth this bitter reality as a challenge for good and concerned Muslims, at all levels and within their respective capacity, to come together to play effective roles to save and rebuild the ummah. Otherwise the deterioration will continue in front of their naked eyes.

Edmund Burke, an 18th century British statesman and political theorist, once said, "The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good man [and woman] doing nothing."

More important than that, Muslims are supposed to take heed from a prophetic caution foretelling their situation. The Prophet says that the time will come when "You shall imitate the practices of those before you, inch by inch and step by step, to the degree that if they had entered into the hole of the lizard, you would still follow them." He was asked: "O messenger of Allah, are they the Yahud and Nasara?" He replied: "Who else?"

Another prophetic tradition reminds Muslims as follows: "Other nations will soon call one another against you just as the eaters call one another to their dishes." Somebody asked: "Is this because we will be few in numbers that day?"

The Prophet replied: "Nay, that day you shall be numerous, but you will be like the scum of the torrent, and Allah will take the fear of you away from your enemies and will place weakness into your hearts." Somebody asked again: "What is this weakness?" He answered: "The love of the world and the dislike of death."

Lessons are in abundance in these hadiths but we may extract two, at least. First, Muslims will not simply tread the same path of destruction as was trodden by those before them if they understand their religion as well as other evil challenges coming from other cultures.

Second, if Muslims are not overly distracted by worldly gains, they will become powerful and nobody will ever look down on them. They will fear them. But to achieve this, they must equip themselves with all necessary knowledge.

Amid their disunity, perhaps Muslims should learn another lesson from the history of two companions of the Prophet, Mu'awiyah and Ali, who fought each other on certain administrative and political issues.

Realising the tense relationship between them, the former was offered military assistance by the Romans to crush the latter. However, despite their political disagreements, Mu'awiyyah firmly declined the offer saying that Ali and his army were still his brothers in religion.

This is the spirit all conflicting Muslims parties should emulate - give priority to religious consideration or interests and put aside all other differences in facing their common enemies.
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Arsenal Football Club Tour 2011 - Tickets Detail

Guess what? Arsenal gonna hit our Stadium Nasional, Bukit Jalil on Jul 13, 2011.
Do not miss the Arsenal Football Club Tour 2011 which is will happen next month!
If you really fan of Arsenal, this is your chance to grab the passes =)

Stay tune in Feeqsays.com because I might have extra passes to give away to my loyal reader *finger cross*

Venue Layout

Ticket Prices

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Selected Nike Stores

Note:All TRAINING PASS entry ONLY at GREEN GATE on 12th July 2011

Terms & Conditions:
- Ticket Prices above Include RM3 Ticketing Fee
- Once tickets are sold, no exchanges or cancellations will be entertained
- RM25 re-printing fee will be charged for damaged tickets.

More info, HERE!
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Thursday, June 9, 2011
The Lulla Crowne Giveaway by Advertlets

I kind of miss to hang out with bunch of my blogger friends to go yum cha and watch movie together. Since my final exam will end by end of this month, I gonna be free for the whole July!

Guess what? Thanks to Advertlets and Nusantara Edaran Filem who give away free movie passes. Not only one but two movie screening! Means that it is gonna be four ticket! WHOA!

Before I talk about the movie, I gonna answer their question...
"If you could get away with it, what is the one thing you would have done differently in highschool?"

I would want to avoiding social media and photography. Why? I would want to focus on my study and family business because I do not want stuck in Malaysia =)

Lulla Man

Cathay Cineplex e@Curve

19th of July at 9.30pm

This movie about 3 married men who go through tremendous lengths to hide their night activities with other women so that their wives don’t find out. However, the wives discover this and team up to seek revenge. This Thai blockbuster is absolutely hilarious from start to finish. If you’re not familiar with Thai comedies, think 80’s and early 90’s Stephen Chow.

Larry Crowne

Cathay Cineplex e@Curve

13th of July at 9.30pm

Larry Crown: Starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, it’s a story of a middle-aged store clerk who is fired. Drowning in debt and no direction, he now feels like its time for a change. Soon, he falls for his speech instructor. Larry Crowne is a witty comedy about life’s surprises and new beginnings.

For more info, HERE!
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Taking Things for Granted


Somehow I have a feeling where some of people love to taking things for granted.
Somehow I have a feeling where some of people close with me for a reason.
Somehow I have a feeling where some of people always make use of me.

Not just a feeling but...

For some reason, I started do not trust anyone.

I am not so dumb.

When I hate people, people would not realize that I hate them.

When you like something, you will always positive thinking.

iLOVE this songs!
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Super GT Photography Outing by EOS


I believe that right now a lot of people is in the Super GT fever!
Guess what? Now you can enjoy the full experience of Super GT with only RM400!
Not to mention it is a good opportunity for a photographer who are interest and would like to focus on the sports photography!

Read the whole blog post.

You get to experience:
To work at the Media Centre
To shoot on the track (North Track)
To shoot at Pitwalk
Tips & guidance from Professional Sports Photographers
Day-to-day post shooting evaluation
Lunch & Dinner provided (both days)

More detail:

Super GT Photography Outing

Date : 18 June 2011 (Saturday)
Time : 7.30am - 8.00pm
Remarks: 2-days Super GT Photography Outings (June 18-19, 2011)
Participants per class : 50 persons only
Language : English
Trainer : TBA
Course Fees : RM 400 per session


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Monday, June 6, 2011
Curves in Blogging - My First Step


After reading my dai ka je blog post about her Curves in Blogging, I decided to come out with my own too. I will divide it into few parts. Recently a lot of people has asking me why I neglecting my blog etc. A lot of assumption and rumours came out from different type of people. For me, I do not care what people want talk about me. Never and ever anymore! Because at the end the benefit also is belongs to me. The more people hate you is a challenge and it will make you stronger. Life is like tyre, sometime you will be on top and sometime you will be on bottom. We always have a choice to choose. You can use a break to stop it. So, you can choose to be on top or bottom.

Let me share with you guys how I start to involve in blogging world. I started my blog as a food blogger and my blog is under blogspot. My previous blogspot known as meaningfool.blogspot.com ;) The reason I choose meaningfool because I love to talk crap. For those who know me, previously I am fat. Really fat... I start my blogging life as a food blogger where I go around, enjoying the food. Not to mention that I went for holiday all the way to Penang and Singapore etc just for the sake of the food.

I start organizing a food review for a bloggers and involving in some events too. I never ever think to be “FEEQ”.. I mean who I am right now. What I know is I want enjoying different type of food and share with my readers. One day, I felt that I prefer eating instead of writing. I never think of to be famous or even earn some income from my blog. I always read about how other people get invitation to a food review and I always asked myself why I do not receive any? I believe that I do not yet have a quality and I my time will come… one day…

How meaningfool.blogspot.com transform into feeqsays.com?

For me, everyone has their own way start their blog. This is how I start my blogging journey. How about you? Share with me how you start your blogging life.
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Thursday, June 2, 2011
I Have Nothing


This is THE WORD THAT I HATE MOST in my LIFE!!! People like to judge me from the way how I look and the way how I act. Everyone is not perfect but the meaning of true friends is someone who are will be in your side to advice you and not to critic you.

I still remember someone who are mention to me this sentence 2 years ago. Someone who are really hate me and now another people mention it again. I HATE IT!

2 years a go, I am DEAD! Not only that, 2 years ago people look down on me and kill me.

I wish I have everything, I wish I have love from my family. I wish I no need to separate from my family since I kid.

I wish I have everything, I wish I am not poor. I wish I not see how hard my parent work just for the sake of giving me a better life.

I wish I have everything, I wish I smart enough. I wish I no need to ask other people/lecturer to keep teach me again and again.

I wish I have everything, I wish people love me because who am I. I wish people who love me will see another side of me.

I wish I have everything, I wish I no need to sacrifice my sleep to do all my work. I wish I can sleep like a baby who no need to think of any problem. I wish I no need to work and study at the same time.

I wish I have everything, I wish I can be like other students. I wish I can just focus on my study and enjoying my life.

I wish I have everything, I wish I have bunch of friends who understand me well. I wish the people that I can call as friend is who always will be my side when I have a problem.

I wish I have everything, I wish I have more time. I wish time is never change.

I wish I have everything...

6years ago! It is 6years where I live with the pain.

I do not have everything but I try to get everything by my own way with the proper way. Work hard and never give up.

I thought she is my lucky star but now I realize she is just another type of expensive diamond.

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The Author

Firdaus Feeq, is a videographer and photographer. Due to his personal interest in entrepreneurship, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and charity, he took another step and established CVS Production; a production house that is based in Malaysia with comprehensive network in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.