Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 0
When talking about Edison Chen, I really wondering what type of people he is? So many scandal. Even the 16 years old girl oso he want "ngap" HERE & HERE. Sometime I really do not understand about relationship. Oh wait, maybe he sick. I wondering if Nicholas gonna kick his off madly ;)

Cecilia, left, with sleeping son Quintus

"Cecilia Cheung (张柏芝) and ex-lover Edison Chen (陈冠希) are addicted to uploading self-made short clips onto the video-sharing platform Viddy. Cecilia has shared short films of her younger son Quintus Tse (谢振南) sleeping, the make-up artist drawing eyebrows for elder son Lucas Tse (谢振轩), and of herself boarding a yacht with Quintus.

Edison shares photos of him jogging

The vids have attracted fan support and praise. But even so, she reacted by deleting all the short clips upon learning that Edison “follows” her on Viddy, in a desperate attempt to distance herself from the toxic celebrity — with whom she starred in a sex scandal in 2008."

Cecilia and Edison Kiss & Make up

"Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) and Edison Chen (陈冠希) have kissed and made up, nearly three years after their sex photo scandal first erupted — and photos of Cecilia’s labia were splashed all around the known universe. Edison had stored the photos of Cecilia on his computer and they were sold on/uploaded by the people who repaired it. 

The two celebrities “just happened” to board the same flight on May 8, returning from Taiwan to Hong Kong. 
Putting aside her shame, anger and embarrassment (not much of that obviously), Cecilia rather surprisingly requested a seat in first class next to her ex-lover. Not only did they talk and laugh throughout the entire journey, Cecilia took cellphone pictures of herself and Edison. Her attitude was a complete U turn compared with 2009 when she appeared on TV to talk about the scandal for the first time. She was angry, ashamed, embarrassed and rainstorm of tears, blaming Edison for the scandal and saying it put her marriage to Nicholas in jeopardy.

She criticized him for never apologizing to her and claimed he was shedding crocodile tears when he said he felt bad for the actresses and singers involved. Nicholas and Edison used to be friends, but have not spoken since the scandal went universal. The question is: Is Nicholas going to forgive Edison for fucking his wife and spreading her privates all over the Internet? He’s a big man if he can."

Source: Apple Daily


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