Last Day of SSM Registration Discount - RM50 for 5 Years

by - Sunday, December 30, 2012

Previously I blogged about Renew Your Business License for RM10 per Year from SSM! I received a lot of inquiries from my readers regarding starting up a company and its registration. In any businesses, people try their best to reduce cost & loss. One of the ways is to grab golden opportunities.


I'm going to register my new company, which is gonna be my 4th company tomorrow (Monday 31.12.12).Let's do some calculation. If you grab this opportunity, meaning that you are paying for only RM10 per year or RM50 for five years. By next year, the fees for company registration will back to normal. RM60 per year or RM300 for five years.

For those who have not renewed their company/business license yet, or even register their company, this is good news for you. You can renew your license for as low as RM50 for 5 years. It means it's ONLY RM10 per year.
I am in debt (PTPTN) for more than 23k and it made me ask myself, do I like to live in debt? I believe in running a company, it's not a good idea to depend on a single income. So, I took another step to come out with another company with a different nature.

So, this is my 3rd company that I've just registered and will be launched officially in early January. Stay tuned. My 2nd company, CVS Production started operating on 1st October 2012 and my 1st company is
What are you waiting for? Monday (31st December 2012) is your last day to grab this opportunity!
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