Monday, April 30, 2012
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Have you ever heard about The SPARC Series? If no, check out: HERE!
Some people thought it's really easy to handle Creative Visual Studio. Since I'm playing with a photography & cinematography field, I face with two different kinds of people. Positive & Negative; Love & Haters; Friends & Enemy; Government & Opposition; Lost & Profit; etc. The way how I run my businesses is based on a combination of photography and marketing. There's a lot of people who are supporting me and there also have some people said that I’m killing a market.

It’s really affecting me and I had a hard time to focus on what I really wanted to do. I’m so lucky that I made a right choice to be part of SPARC Series and I have my answer from Ahmad Izham Omar (8TV). He shares his experience and learning curve how he manages to change the music industry. If you familiar with a name of Malaysian Idol, OAG, Faizal Tahir, INNUENDO, 8TV, Fly FM, Hot FM, etc, you should know Ahmad Izham Omar.


What is SEC & SPARC Series?

One of the initiatives that SEC have started since September 2011 is called the SPARC Series, where they invite top Malaysian personalities in a multitude of interest to give a speech on how they have arrived to where they are, relating their personal philosophies throughout their tenure and will be followed by a healthy Q&A session.

The speakers usually come from a myriad of working background, so as to cater for all kinds of interest. They hope, though, that everybody would actually go and listen to those which are of a completely different, if not distantly related, working background so that they can view their working philosophies in a different perspective.
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Pool + Fashion show? What you can expect? ;)

I would like to thanks Don Chan  who invited me and other 10 bloggers to join him to attend an event brought by 360 Celsius. So, what is going on? Basically it's an event which is to introduce a Kyla Ruiz Brazilian bikinis that held at The Pool, KL.
Since someone has booked my last Sunday a month ago, I skip all my meeting except the morning session. Went to Publika in the afternoon to give some support to all my online celebrity’s friends (will post it up on my next blogpost), we reach The Pool kinda late. Supposedly we reach there 5pm but since we kinda lost, we manage to reach there by 6pm. #onlyinmalaysia we had something known as Malaysian Time. The event only start roughly 6pm =)
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Saturday, April 28, 2012
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This is not an advertorial.111111111
Recently, I have been travelling to Singapore quite often not for the purpose of having holiday or going back to my hometown but it's for a business purpose. Some of you might know and some of you still in a missing puzzle. Currently I'm running a production house that focus on advertising, photography, cinematography and online marketing. Check out http://www.creativevstudio.com/ and ask me if you need more info.

I just got back from Singapore last week (19-23 April 2012) for some photoshoot and meetings. You also can read one of my interesting experience on chasing a tender. This is how I started to get involve with Singapore market: "You need to knock the opportunity door instead - My short business trip to Singapore (28.2.2012 – 29.2.20012)"

Keep continue read this blog post how you can get unlimited calls!
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Friday, April 27, 2012
The Avengers is Awesome but Disappointed with Golden Screen Cinema

Just got back from IOI Mall Puchong. YES! Finally I manage to watch The Avengers. Yesterday, I bought a midnight ticket (3D) and I only watch it for the 1st 20 minutes before I decided to leave the hall. Receive SMS from my friend whereby both of them miss the last train and stuck in KL Sentral.

M Payoff 1sht
I believe that a lot of people really excited to watch this movie right? If you expect me to be a spoiler, I would not. If you expect me to tell you the synopsis, I suggest you just google "The Avengers (2012) synopsis". Just in case you too lazy, here the synopsis:

"When an unexpected enemy emerges who threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury, the director of the international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., finds himself in need of a team of superheroes to pull the world back from the brink of disaster.
Using the all powerful Cosmic Cube, Loki (hell-bent on destroying and controlling man) unleashes an formidable alien force on earth and Nick Fury assembles Marvel's greatest heroes to help save the world. But in order to fight as a team, you have to work as one and that is not the case. Can earth's mightiest heroes put aside their pity gripes and unite as one to save the earth they fought so hard to protect in the past?" - Source

However, I'm kind of disappointed with GSC Malaysia because I tired to book online, M2U and even through GSC apps but I could not able to. I tried to book since Thursday until this afternoon. Maybe too many people trying to book? LOL At the end, I went down to IOI Mall at 11am to purchase my ticket (3D, night show).

By the way, any of you know what is the next movie? Since there have a some credit at the end of the movie? :D
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Last month, I had an opportunity to visit Says.My office which is located at Bandar Utama. It’s really great to meet up with bunch of young and energetic people who are brought a social media into another level. If you haven't heard about Says.My, check out their web: http://www.says.com 
Hey, since you're here, why not join SAYS members as we (1) Share the latest viral news, campaigns & videos we like. (2) Share tips+ideas related to how we use Facebook & Twitter. (3) Meet other active social media users across Malaysia.

Company Overview
SAYS is a community of Malaysians who choose cool stuff to share on social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs) and get rewarded with cash and prizes for doing so! Any Malaysian who uses social media can join."

Thanks to Vincent who invited me, Sam (General Manager) who brought us around and share with us about Says.My and Khailee Ng (Founder & CEO) who spend time with us and share his awesome experience in Necker Island.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012
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Attention to people who are in Singapore. Our professional photographer/founder of Creative Visual Studio (Feeq) will be in Singapore on 20 of April until 23rd of April 2012.

Yes! He will be in Singapore for a photoshooting and any of u who are interested to get a photoshoot from him, this is your chance. Drop him an email at feeq@creativevstudio.com or contact him at +60127344714 for an appointment.

spore1 spore2

Some of my latest photoshoot (last month) in Singapore =)

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Monday, April 9, 2012
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PART3Agent 7.7 receive encrypted message on Galaxy Tab saying "This is just the beginning". He believes that he could not able to run away from everything. He decided to go Malaysia and avoid the entire problem. He just wants to remain himself as unknown people by living as ordinary people life.

Debbie Ong knows what Agent 7.7 thinking and she also decided to spend her entire life with Agent 7.7 and remain as ordinary people with ordinary life. Without looking backward, Agent 7.7 left his Samsung GALAXY TAB 7.7 at the café and he just walk back to his home. Without wasting his time, he packing everything and went to the airport… Good bye Singapore!

Part 1
Agent 7.7 walks away from the explosion with a knowledge that it is all over. He knew that there was no way he could have solved this case without the help of the GALAXY Tab 7.7. When he tried to recall everything from the beginning, he felt that it’s just a dejavu.
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HOPE 2012 3D Marvel The Avengers Charity Movie Screening eFlyer
Good news!
HOPE worldwide Kuala Lumpur is organizing a Charity Movie Screening - the long-awaited Superheroes Assembly - "Marvel's The Avengers"!

This Charity Movie Screening gonna be on Saturday, 12 May 2012, 10am at the Golden Screen Cinemas, Tropicana City Mall. With a minimum donation of RM50, you will get yourself a 3D Movie Ticket to enjoy the show! Funds raised shall proceed to HOPE worldwide's community programs. We need your favor to blast out this great news to everyone that you know!

NOTE: Tickets are limited! You gotta act fast! For more information and interested to grab your movie tickets, please call HOPE worldwide Admin Office at 03-2141 1550.
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Monday, April 2, 2012
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Part 3
Behind a gargoyle, he discovered a bomb. He now has 58minutes and 23seconds until the explosion! Inside the car, he told the Debbie that he discovered a bomb and he need to off it. Both of them drove all the way to the location and try to search the bomb. The moment both of them reach to the place, there’s 5 people who just came down from the building. Suddenly all of them take out a knife and trying to kill Agent 7.7 and Debbie. Agent 7.7 aware that he only have less than 1 hour before everything become history. He can’t waste his time and he need to kill 5 of them as soon as possible. Thanks god that Debbie have carry her own gun and she just kill one by one by using her gun. Right after that, both of them trying to search the bomb behind a gargoyle and trying to off it..

Part 1
The ballroom was filled to the brim with dignitaries from the embassy. The villain was lurking amidst the crowd yet Agent 7.7 had to ensure he remains undetected. The sleek design of brushed metal makes him blend in perfectly with the occasion. Barely an hour into his arrival, he heard a loud piercing scream from the main hall.

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The Author

Firdaus Feeq, is a videographer and photographer. Due to his personal interest in entrepreneurship, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and charity, he took another step and established CVS Production; a production house that is based in Malaysia with comprehensive network in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.