Comparison Maybank MasterCard Platinum Debit and Maybank Visa Debit?

by - Friday, May 23, 2014

Maybank MasterCard Platinum Debit or Maybank Visa Debit?

I’m having one credit card and is just enough for me. I don’t really use my credit card for shopping so my credit card just stuck inside my wallet most of the time.

Recently I just  upgrade my Maybank Visa Debit to Maybank MasterCard Platinum Debit. Since my debit card is expiring in June 2014, I decided to renew my card. In conjunction of their campaign, I do receive Buy 1 Free 1 movie ticket. So, any of you want to tag along with me for X-Men & Godzilla, do let me know.

1) Shop at over 29.4 mill Mastercard accepted outlets worldwide (Visa; 29 mill outlet).
0.4 mill not much different since most of the shop accept Visa.

2) Set your own Purchase Limit up to maximum RM10,000 or default to RM2,000 (Visa; maximum RM5,000 or default to RM1,000 ).
- Quite good for me because sometimes I urgently need to withdraw more than RM5,000 per day, especially when I travel around for business trip.

3) Earn TreatsPoints for retail transactions RM3 = 1 Treats Points (signature base) and RM5 = 1 TreatsPoints (pin base) (Visa; Earn 1 Treats Points for every RM3 spent and enjoy privileges when you shop).
- If you “kaki-shopping” you may want to consider this point.

For more information regarding their cards, check out HERE!

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