I'm Officially Married - Short update

by - Sunday, December 04, 2016

Alhamdulillah I'm Officially Married. Today is the day where I'm officially became husband for Fatin Bella. Thank you for those who came and for those who helped along the way. It was a very busy week and finally everything is over.

Will update more later on. Meanwhile, lets... ehemmm lol
Will start updating CeritaFF.com blog very soon.

Now, let's focus on new chapter shall we?
#CeritaFF #fatinbella #feeqsays

Baju nikah : @minimalace
Contact lens : @dindalicious.my
Makeup : @bellahudd
Photography : @clorastudio
Videografi : @hafizzainalhz

Antara orang kuat yang banyak tolong Aten dan @feeqsays . Tolong dari semua benda. Yela, takde pengalaman kawen, so memang krik krik krik banyak. Hahaha. Kak @rubydotmy dan Abg @saifulnaim ni Aten dah anggap macam kakak dan abang Aten sendiri. Almaklumlah takde abang dengan kakak. Thanks Kak Ruby dan Abg Naim for everything. Muah ciked! 😘😘😘 

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